Small Cap Program


8 Cr INR / USD 1 Million:

Cash Hold Only (Account Hold will be put by the Trader via your Bank).

(Top International Banks situated in India only)

  • There will be no loss of money.
  • No Upfront fee of any kind
  • 100% safe and secure platform

Procedure will be as follows:

1) Client shall provide CIS and KYC.

2) After due diligence, the complete docket will be presented to Trader who again will do due diligence.

3) Then trader shall provide trade forms to be filled by the client.

4) Once approved, the trader shall issue the contract for signing by the client.

5) Once signed by all, the trader shall put a hold on the client account

6) The trade shall start.


10% per month (can be higher but will be done by the trader only)

  • The profit will be credited to client nominated account
  • Rollover available for continuous program
  • Very large outputs are generated only in 100 Million plus programs and not these small ones
  • Very large profits also get frozen by Indian banks.