Private Structured Funding

Private Structured Funding

The clients can access private structured funding from Banks for their Project requirements. This funding type is sourced confidentially through our relationships with AAA+ Banks. It is allowed to applicants to make any changes in funding requirements prior to contracts. For serving clients, there is a team of highly experienced advisers, outsource specialist expertise where necessary, to maintain funding resources for capital projects in many industry sectors. We can also consult on all funding aspects with our international capital markets associations.

Our Partners Funding Proposition:

The component markets each have a long track record:

  1. The Banking Guarantee/Sovereign Guarantee Market
  2. BG/ULC/SBLC/LC/BD have been issued as collateral for decades
  3. Trade Finance is a thriving International Market
  4. Project Bonds
  5. Conventional finance through major international banks
  6. Securitization, Monetization
  7. Private equity investor groups

Our consultancy proposition brings these components together to facilitate a Project Finance Solution. Funding is generated via monetizing the BG/ULC/SBLC/LC/BD. The borrowers receive loan and drawdown to their Lending SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) which originate from loan facilities provided by Financial Intuitions (Banks, Private/ Sovereign Funds, Hedge/Pension Funds) made via credit line facilities with a collateral guarantee of a BG/SG (Banking Guarantee/ Sovereign Guarantee) and Treasury Bonds.Finally, the borrower receives 100% funding.

Repayment of the funding will be discussed privately at a TTM meeting between our partners and the designated Government or Private institutions.