Our Tie-ups

Our Tie-ups

We have a tie-up with JM Global Solutions, which is a London, UK based company. In India, we are the representative company of JM Global Solutions. In association with JM Global Solutions (London), we are working as a Fund-raiser or catering the sources of financing for our esteemed clients. The term is called “Alternative Financing”.

“Alternative Source of Financing/Funding” is the new Buzz Word in the financial sector and as per experts, it is the “Next Level of Banking”, which is indeed cheaper than banks. It simplifies the process of lending and borrowing and assists businesses in achieving their financial needs at a very cheaper rate. Alternative Financing became very popular when India faced the financial crisis in the year 2008; no. of banks were failed then stringent Basel III Capital adequacy norms being made applicable.

We have another link-ups with many funding agencies and firms which are already running globally. Recently, we have done “Fund-raising” for ……..so and so company. (Here, I expect you to fill few details related to your associations and your already done work and many more, whatever you would like to show your client.)

Team of Experts (TOE)

Please specify some members name along with their experiences, achievements, degrees, expertise field etc. This will make an impact on your client.

Our Business Plan/ Marketing Strategy :

This one will be from my side. I’m working on the same.

  • Apart from this, anything you want. Please specify your needs in bullet points along with a reference.
  • I know still it needs much to work upon..
  • Your suggestions are most welcome…

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