Land Trading

Land Trading

Trade Facilitator – Land Trading Program (LTP)

The following are the steps of Land Trading Program:

  • Please note that not all the lands are subject to Land Trading reason as we are having issues pertaining to Ownership,Valuation and sometimes disputes are in courts. Such lands should not be referred to us for Trading. Please also note that if the Company who owns the land is under NPA or Defaults within or Outside India then the same cases should also not forward to us.
  • Land Trading requires live valuation report of the land. Valuation report should also cover all covenants like Performance Covenants, Financial Covenants. While doing Land Trading we need the live Valuation report from 3rd Party approved valuer. Please also note that no Government Valuation is considered as majority of such valuations are subject to interpretation issues.
    • In case the land is having some Assets like on ground Assets or Underground Assets then we might be having Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) which is very useful provided SKR is done by some Foreign Bank preferably Top 25 Banks of the Globe.
  • Post Valuation Report next step is either Bank Guarantee (BG) or SKR. Owner of the land to decide he is going either with Bank Guarantee (BG) or SKR. Please note that either would be done by Foreign Banks like Goldman Sachs (GS), Credit Suisse (CS), JP Morgan Chase, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), DBS, UBS respectively. Please refer to Bank Guarantee DOA.
  • Next Step would be monetization of the Bank Guarantee (BG) or SKR. Please be note that Trade Facilitator is direct providers of BG from Top 25 Banks of the Globe. Monetization of the Bank Guarantee would be done by same bank who would be issuing the BG alongside Swift Instructions. Monetization Charges are 2% until amount is lesser than $ 500 Million and 4% once greater than $ 500 Mn.
  • While Monetization it is the call of the Monetization Bank to decide which method of Monetization they would be following :
    • Recourse Monetization
    • Non-Recourse Monetization
    • Sharing Monetization
    • (Collateral to be decided by the Bank. Generally Banks are asking for Collateral while Monetizing Bank Guarantee on Non-Recourse Basis. Trade Facilitator would be helping Client while negotiating Collateral for Monetization. )
  • Final Step is to initiate Monetization Funds to Trading Platform whereby you would enter into different portfolios and your Trading will start. All Profits of Trading would directly be hitting Client Account. At the end of the Trading Program Bank Guarantee would be returned to Bank.

Contact Details:

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Carefully Note: Please be note that Trade Facilitator – PPP Desk doesn’t accept non-KYC Customers. They vet all CIS, KYC in detail alongside they don’t interact with non-rated banks. Trade Facilitator only interacts with Rated Bank having AML Compliance.