Key Features

Key Features

Charges: We provide the funds as loan at very low interest rate which is 1% per annum for Central & State Government Projects. 3.0% consultancy fee  of   total   cost  of project is charged by us as consultancy fee.

Origination: This fund is originating from top 25 AAA+ B anks & Pension Funds throughout the world whom we deal with for all project fund requirements.

Loan Amount: We provide loan in minimum amount of $500 Million up to $44.7 Billion. We deal in pound/Euro/Dollars and INR.

Term: Tenures will be 10 to 20 years. Can be longer if requirement be. Loan to Value: Up to 100% of project financing required.

Operation: Projects can be either BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer), BOO (Build, Own, Operate), BOT (Build, Own Transfer), BT (Build, Transfer), BLT (Build, Lease, Transfer) or PPP (Public Private Partnership).

Target Borrowers

  • Privately held projects
  • Public & Private Infrastructure Operators
  • National & Local Governments
  • NGOs and Financial Institutions