WELCOME to IMICC (Maitreya Organization)

Indian Manufacturing Industries and Commerce council 2015

Founder President: Dr. Himani J

IMICC is the largest and youngest apex manufacturer’s organization in India. Our nation has one of the most rapidly growing global economies. IMICC is contributing to this historical process by encouraging debate, articulating the private sector’s views and influencing policy. We train under privilege peoples for entrepreneurships and provide them an international market for their products, IIMICC is a non-government, not-for-profit organization, and IMICC is the voice of India’s business and industry. IMCCI draws its membership from the manufacturing sector, both private and public, including SMEs and MNCs. IMICC provides a platform for sector specific consensus building and networking and as the first port of call for Indian industry and the international business community.
The expert team of IMICC is very much focused to build a market for those manufacturers who are struggling for an international market or platform; we are doing events, exhibitions, Indian cultural programs, music concerts and educational seminars in the different countries to make a big market area for our manufacturers.

In the recent scenario Indian manufacturing industries are suffering from so many problems like:

  • Manufacturers don’t have proper and quality skills. They are making products and putting so much hard work but because of poor skills they make such products which are not acceptable in market. The expert team of IMICC is providing good quality training them to improve their skills.
  • Our education system is also very much responsible for all failures of a manufacture. In school we learn how to memorize history, geography, mathematics and so many other subjects but our teachers and parents as well they don’t put efforts to identify skill of a child. When child grows, he grows with the mentality of doing job not with the skills and then the most of the time, mind energy drains in searching a good job. If we train children in their childhood then the rest of the life they can spent respectfully. IMICC is working to change educational pattern in schools and we are providing counseling’s to parents also. We are motivating parents and schools to provide different skills to the students.
  • The old Indian manufacturing units are not keen to understand about upgraded technology, manufacturers are still working with old patterns and not interested to learn new market trends and requirements. They are making products with old and traditional tools while they can use new invented tools. IMICC providing them new technology and machines with complete industrial trainings. So they can improve their skill qualities.
  • China has forex and gold reserve of approx 3800 billion dollars, united state of America has forex and gold reserved valued 148 billion dollars. Where china need to consume more and produce lees and united state to consume less and produce more but results are coming absolutely reverse and this is a main reason of global economy fluctuations. Indian manufacturers can change this scenario if they work with full force and new advanced technology. United state is searching for other countries from where it can purchase goods to sustain their consumption. Here this is not the issue that whether united state will buy our products or not because we have big size population which can consume any amount of products, so we have a market itself.
  • Indian population is one of the largest populations in the world and according to our family pattern: one member is earning and rests are depended on him. If we can multiply the workers then income will automatically improve and of course quality talents will come out from the house. This population can be used as a big man force and with this strength India can emerge as the best destination hub for manufacturing sector.
  • India must emerge as the best destination for manufacturing hub in the world because we have the strength of man power, which is attracted towards the handsome packages in BPO sectors and foreign countries. We need to improve their comfort and earning procedures in our nation. We should work hard to create their interest in our manufacturing sectors. BPO and IT industry are need much small space or area of operation so these industries are always in the metropolitan cities where skilled manpower as well other basic facilities are easily available while manufacturing companies are always at a distant from these cities so they always face difficulty in their operation. Even the basic facilities like water, electricity, internet, transportation are not easily available for these areas.

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