About H J Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

HJGS is a growing company in India which delivers modern infrastructure, commodities, asset management and structured funding solutions.

We offer structured funding solutions for social, economic and humanitarian projects. These development projects include underprivileged children programs, government infrastructure, hospitals, oil refineries, power stations, technological advancement, alternative energy projects, residential or social housing, or incorporating renewable energy solutions, educational activities and many social development programs governed by all state and national governments to deliver a sustained low cost of living.

In addition, we render consultancy to all industries like metal, infrastructure  refineries  water roads houses and all government schemes. Other service areas of the company are all establishments like land, construction, skilled labor and training programs related to all tools and machinery.

HJ Global Solutions is a Team of Business Consultant Experts, first came into an existence in the year 2016 in India. Since the year 2008, we have been working as an NGO “Maitreya Organization”. We, HJ Global Solutions, help future Industry Leaders Breakthrough their biggest challenges to creating superior outcomes. We customize the powerful strategy for our business clients and provide them an excellent plan on an execution of their business idea to get their full potential to enjoy fast results along with long-term success.

Vision & Mission

We help our clients to get complete Business Transformation Solutions. Our team of experts advise the businesses to achieve a higher-level vision and meet their biggest challenges. Our Team of Experts (TOE) knows “the best way forward to achieve optimum results month on month.”

What we offer

We have a big Team of Experts, which is highly skilled and have a specialization in their individual field of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Research, and Development etc. Our aim is to cater Complete Business Transformation Solutions to our clients.

HJ Global Solutions : “Complete Business Transformation Solutions”

Our Tie-ups

In conjunction with a significant expansion of our local operations, we have a tie-up with a major consultancy firm based in London, United Kingdom. HJGS; the company; hence, is a progressive representation of our overseas firm in India for all funding solutions; with main focus on providing a wide range of high quality commercial services to our clients enabling them in creating wealth and the provision of innovative financial solutions.

“Alternative Source of Financing/Funding” is the new Buzz Word in the financial sector and as per experts, it is the “Next Level of Banking”, which is indeed cheaper than banks. It simplifies the process of lending and borrowing and assists businesses in achieving their financial needs at a very cheaper rate. Alternative Financing became very popular when India faced the financial crisis in the year 2008; no. of banks were failed then stringent Basel III Capital adequacy norms being made applicable.

“Complete Business Transformation Solutions”

“What is the suitable way to achieve your targets and how it will be achieved in your own way to produce same breakthrough results for your business?”